Sounds Like Violence unleash the devil

Rock Outfit Set To Release “The Devil On Nobel Street” November 9th
Single and video for “The Emperor’s New Clothes” out on October 19th

Sweden’s Sounds Like Violence will release their full length album The Devil On Nobel Street on November 9th via Burning Heart Records. The sophomore release is a follow up to their powerful 2004 EP The Pistol, and their stunning 2007 debut full length, With Blood On My Hands, both received to critical international acclaim.

Having won endorsements from their peers – the likes of Gallows and Say Anything included – and having secured their position as one of Europe’s most respected underground acts, with a touring history that saw them share stages with the likes of Gallows, The Wombats, Fightstar and AFI, Sounds Like Violence are back with a record more delicate, complex, gut-wrenching and exhilarating than ever before.

Recorded partly in Malmo, Sweden’s famous Tambourine Studios, partly in Andreas Söderlund’s low key apartment, and mixed by Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182, Alkaline Trio), “The Devil On Nobel Street” , will mark Sounds Like Violence out as major contenders in the world of credible alternative music.

From the self-assured and driven stomp of the title-track, through folksier first single The Emperor’s New Clothes, choir-enhanced power of Bankruptcy, and to the dark dynamism of Reeperbahn, Sounds Like Violence throw out challenges to the listener at every opportunity on …Nobel Street.

“There is no song that is left at random on this record,” emphasizes charismatic frontman and guitarist Andreas Söderlund. “Every song has its purpose, everything is thought through. People just now have to realize the potential of the band, that we can be huge as well as stay being a small indie band – it’s all about who finds us now.”

With subject matter here veering between abandonment, loss, the endless search for happiness and the eschewing of a stable life in the pursuit of greatness, Sounds Like Violence have been channeling their loves, their hates, their agonies and their ecstasies into a record of searing and unique indie rock.

And with a record as vast, accomplished and extraordinary as The Devil On Nobel Street, it’s safe to say that the big time is about to come knocking.

Sounds Like Violence is: Andreas Söderlund (vocals, guitar), Daniel Teodorsson (bass, vocals) and Daniel Petersson (drums).

“Soul-crushingly magnificent” – Kerrang! KKKK

“An artful blend of dirt and delight on this, their long awaited album” – Rock Sound

“Throbbing, bloodstained rock with a dark heart” – Guitarist

The Devil On Nobel Street Tracklisting:
1. The Devil on Nobel Street
2. Reeperbahn
3. Transparent
4. The emperor’s new clothes
5. Darkness over Eslöv Street
6. Get out of bed
7. Holy Schizophrenia!
8. Bankruptcy
9. Beast
10. $ 5900
11. 1993


Press Contact:
Mirjam Millenaar
Epitaph Europe

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